Portfolio Check-up

How is your portfolio doing? Are you confident that:

  • Your portfolio is well-diversified and designed to minimize volatility?
  • You are on track to meet your financial goals?
  • The companies in your portfolio are financially sound and in line with your values?

An Azzad adviser can provide a thorough check-up of your portfolio at any financial institution. Your report will include:

  • Overall analysis of your portfolio including its diversification, asset allocation and volatility
  • Thorough financial analysis of the companies you own
  • Review of your holdings as compared with our ethical screens
  • Recommendations for improvements
  • Comparison of your existing portfolio with our recommended one

To find out what's happening in your portfolio, call us at 888-862-9923.

Our portfolio check-up will help you get your investments on track.

Financial Consultation

Discover the Azzad difference with a financial consultation that goes beyond managing money.

Your Azzad adviser will work closely with you to design a sound financial plan that is right for your vision of ethical living. Our experienced advisers build longstanding, personal relationships with our clients, making sure we understand your entire financial life and goals. We listen to you. We respect you. We create solutions customized for your situation. And we help you stay on track if the road gets bumpy.

We begin by helping you determine where you stand today. Then, we meet with you to understand your future goals and begin to develop a plan appropriate for your age and risk tolerance.

Your plan provides a recommended asset allocation strategy that:

  • Describes how you will be able to meet your future retirement income needs
  • Provides insight into how much you need to save
  • Shows you how taxes and inflation might affect your goals
  • Illustrates basic estate planning techniques.

Once your plan is created, we help you choose how to implement it. All of our recommendations throughout the process will be in line with your ethical investment philosophy.

To schedule your financial consultation, call 888-862-9923 or email Azzad.

Note: Azzad Asset Management does not provide tax or legal advice.